Wise Owl, Kolkata

29 Sept 2015


Finally could drop at Wise Owl along with my wife on the 29th of September 2015. Invoice number 15/1554. Having spent over 30 years in the Hospitality Industry and returning to Kolkata, we get very excited when a new outlet opens in the City opens, engaging so many people, otherwise in a not so happening City in terms of Economics, compared to other Metros.   Dishes ordered: For my wife: Grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard dressing Green apple soda For me: BLT Cappuccino   Review: My wife’s sandwich was absolutely cold. Grilled sandwich cold? The bread was separately grilled and then some tasteless, dry, tough chicken was put inside. Heard of grilling a sandwich this way? Ridiculous. When complained, the waiter said that: “since we put cold things, sandwiches are cold”. Excellent training. Rs. 200 plus taxes for that pathetic product. Soda was very weak. I was very excited to have ordered BLT, which is one of my favourite sandwiches. BLT is a toasted sandwich. But sadly what came in was a plain cold sandwich. Under grilled bacon. Though I had requested for lean bacon, what came was mostly fat. Tomatoes were cut not as sliced tomatoes but as Carpaccio. Very little filling. Rs. 200 plus tax? This is cheating.. Coffee tasted like burnt/over roasted, expired coffee. What was served in the name of Cappuccino was actually Latte. The restaurant clearly looked an amateur effort with pathetic food and service. Minimum professional help would have done them good. Small domestic bread?? Sandwich bread is minimum requirement with a choice of bread. No cutlery on the table with food. Even the extra mustard that I requested came without  a spoon. Waiters chat amongst themselves without even looking at the Guests. Tables and chairs require a good sprucing. No fries or slaw? Just wafers and Rs. 200 plus taxes? Felt it was like any other Bengali enterprise, run by Ramu and Hori of the World with no Customer connect or professional approach. Shabby and dirty menus. It is like, “Aamra shob jani. Khabe to khao, noile bari jao.” Well, was keen to visit the Steak House but Wise Owl, you have lost me and all my friends and acquaintances. Sad, very sad.

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