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the services offered by AAHS.IN

the Catering Operation

Onsite Cooking Catering

With professional catering staff and experienced chefs, as well as our supply of cooking utensils and equipment, we are able to set up temporary kitchens almost anywhere. We provide any type of Catering services (outdoor and indoor) in Eastern India with focus in Kolkata.

Offsite Cooking Catering

The quality & success of an event is depended on the quality of the food at the event. AAHS offers complete off-site catering service to meet the demand of your special/daily office or private events.
AAHS prepares various snacks, Deli, main courses and desserts for smaller groups, delivered at your home/office. All cooking is offsite except last moment frying/heating.

Hospitality Consulting Services

Food Service Operation

Food service operation and catering (on and off site): We consult with you for your particular need and design the menu that is just suitable for the occasion and crowd profile. For smaller groups, we can supply you pre-cooked food and for larger groups, we cook at your site. This is only available in Eastern India with focus in Kolkata and surroundings.
You can also orders International gourmet snacks/appetizers/desserts/salads/breads with and spreads/International dips. This is only available in Kolkata.

Incubation and Hand Holding

  • We help you to invest in correct Hospitality businesses.
  • We help you from conception to inception for your Food & Beverage or other Hospitality related Businesses.
  • For India entrants, we help you in incubation.
  • We lift you up from any stage of your Hospitality Business.
  • We help you to design your restaurant/hotel/banqueting centers/food courts, Bakeries and other Hospitality Businesses.

Turn-Around of Hospitality and Food Service Businesses

  • We help you to turn around your Hospitality Business.
  • We provide you deep Consumer insights.
  • We validate and suggest Business process change/alterations for better profitability and Operational efficacy.

Organoleptic and sensory evaluations

  • We do sensory evaluations of your products and suggest improvements.
  • We can develop products for you especially for processed food.
  • We develop spice blends for you.
  • We also help you in matching products

Cost Control

  • Correct sourcing.
  • Vendor Management.
  • Improve IRR
  • Recipe change, if required.
  • Process management to reduce cost.
  • Sales pitching to increase operating margins.
  • Energy optimization suggestions.

Recipe & process standardization

  • We help you in standardization of your recipes so that the experience is consistent.
  • We also standardize recipe and processes for scaling up.
  • We reduce skill sets required by creating standardized recipes and processes making it idiot proof and thus, your overhead reduce

Creating Retail Concepts

  • We can create various Hospitality retail concepts for you with differentiators and USPs.
  • We also can help in creating EBO and MBOs.

Pro Bono consulting

  • We also want to plough back skill based consulting to the Country. State and National Organizations and NGOs can benefit from this.
  • We also teach Culinary arts to special Children.

Branding & Strategy

  • We advice you on your Hospitality/Food Businesses branding and other business strategies.
  • We also advice with ATL, BTL activities.

Organizational Design & Manpower Planning

We help you to design that perfect Organisation which is just correct for you.

Food festivals

We also plan Regional Food Festivals like Bengali, Marwari etc. Theme based like Pub Food, Tapas etc. or International like French, Mediterranean etc. This would include complete planning, roll out, manpower support, ATL, BTL planning, CRM planning, food styling and photography.

Soft Skills Development for Corporate

Grooming & Etiquette Training

We train you/your organization right from grooming, dressing and dining etiquette so that you stand out in a crowd.

Classroom Teaching(Hospitality)

We conduct training sessions as per your need.

Hospitality Audit Services

HACCP Audits

We conduct HACCP audits for your vendor and your multiple operations.

Process Audits

We also audit for process adheration.

Mystery Customer Audits

We act on your behalf to have mystery customers to give you insights.

Internal Hospitality Audit

We also audit your backend and frontend to ensure compliance for multiple locations.

Food Styling

Food Styling

Aparna and Arindam has been styling food as Chefs and Business Heads since 1986 in India and USA and have worked with many leading photographers who used to shoot for Oberoi Hotels, Taj Hotels and Carnival Cruise Lines.
They now bring that expertise to style your food products, whether for restaurant, review or packaging. They are thorough with all modern techniques and equipment.
Do give us an opportunity to create some exquisite food styling for you.

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